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The evening before last (Tuesday the 1st of March) I was on the programme Science Cafe on BBC Radio Wales talking about 10 Physicists Who Transformed Our Understanding of the Universe, the book I co-wrote with Brian Clegg. I was interviewed by Adam Walton, who presents this weekly science programme. We discussed how the book came about and then ran through the 10 physicists in the list. You can listen to the programme via the BBC iPlayer by following this link (it will be available on the iPlayer until the end of March; it will also be re-broadcast on Radio Wales on Sunday 6th March at 6:30am GMT)


I discussed our book 10 Physicists Who Transformed Our Understanding of Reality on BBC Radio Wales’ weekly science programme Science Cafe. The book was co-written with Brian Clegg

As you can see from the screen capture above, the ten in the list (it is not our list, it was taken from The Observer newspaper) are

  1. Isaac Newton
  2. Niels Bohr
  3. Galileo Galilei
  4. Albert Einstein
  5. James Clerk Maxwell
  6. Michael Faraday
  7. Marie Curie
  8. Richard Feynman
  9. Ernest Rutherford
  10. Paul Dirac

Thirty minutes was not enough to talk in any detail about any of the ten, but I hope it gave the listeners a nice taster of the fascinating characters whom we write about in each chapter. The book has been available since early December. You can order a copy by following this link if you are in the UK, and this link if you are in the US.

At the BBC studios in Cardiff recording this interview for Science Cafe

I am currently in Namibia (see my blog from Tuesday), and recorded the interview in the few days between getting back from a 3-week trip to the USA and leaving to give talks on a cruise in South America. The broadcast of the interview was delayed a little as Science Cafe had recently done a programme about antimatter, and as Paul Dirac is one of the physicists in the list the producers decided to leave a few weeks pass before its broadcast.

Last night (Wednesday the 2nd of March) I gave a talk about ‘the oldest light in the Universe’ (the Cosmic Microwave Background – the subject of another of my books) to the Swakopmund Scientific Society here in Swakopmund (Namibia). I will give a summary of that talk next week when I am back in Cardiff.

You can also find out more about 10 Physicists Who Transformed Our Understanding of the Universe by following this link.

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