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In November of last year (2011), I have a talk to Swansea Astronomical Society on the early history of Yerkes Observatory. I blogged about that talk here.

Last night (Thursday 8th of November) I gave a talk to the same society with the title “ George Ellery Hale : The greatest Astronomer of the 20th Century?“. The title is deliberately provocative. In the talk I attempted to show Hale‘s main achievements in his productive life. There were many, but this slide summarises the main ones :

A summary of Hale’s main achievements in his astronomical career

Here is a gallery of all the 32 slides in the talk.

My conclusion, in the last slide, is that maybe Hale wasn’t the greatest astronomer of the 20th Century, but probably the most important. Without Hale, Yerkes Observatory would never have existed, nor Mount Wilson Observatory.

Who do you think was the greatest astronomer of the 20th Century?

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