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A quick post following the defeat of Wales by Australia in the 3rd/4th place Rugby World Cup playoff match. I may have time later to post a match report, but I thought I would quickly post this – in reaction to the news of Colonel Gaddafi’s death at the hands of the so-called rebels in Libya in the last 24 hours.

Whatever Gaddafi’s crimes against humanity, I personally am uncomfortable with his being killed before he stood trial for those crimes. I am not in favour of the death penalty for any crime, even genocide. And, I think the World would have done a better job of avoiding supporting people like Gaddafi in the future if he had stood trial and the full extent of his horrors been revealed.

Anyway, the man is now dead. And it reminded me of this wonderful song by the 1960s group The Kinks – “Death of a clown“.

Which song did you think of when you heard of Gaddafi’s death?

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