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Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France a record 7 times. He was to many, including me, a sporting icon. Someone who overcame potentially terminal cancer and went on to dominate the sport of cycling for a decade. He transcended the sport, and raised cycling’s profile in the process. And, now we know that he was a cheat.

Lance Armstrong, who won the Tour de France a record 7 times, has been shown to have been a cheat.

Last week, the US Ant Doping Agency (USADA) published a 1,000 page report which provides convincing evidence that Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service cycling team “ran the most sophisticated doping scheme ever”.

An excerpt from The Guardian article on the US Anti Doping Agency’s 1,000 page report on Lance Armstrong

One of the many newspaper articles on this sorry story is here. And here is a link to a programme transmitted on BBC Radio 5 on Monday (15th of October). After listening to it, I am left in little doubt that Armstrong did indeed cheat the sport of cycling. But, much sadder I think, he cheated millions of people who believed in his sporting prowess.

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