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This morning in a magazine I saw an article on Meic Stevens, the Welsh language folk singer. I was in the car with my daughter, so I put on the following song from my iPod – “Tryweryn“, which Meic Stevens recorded in the late 1960s (I think!).

The song is about the drowning of the valley of Tryweryn by Liverpool City Council for a water reservoir in the early 1960s. Many historians look upon this event as being one of the main factors in the rise of Welsh nationalism in the 1960s.

This short documentary off YouTube summarises this sad event in the history of Wales.

Meic Stevens’ song is beautiful, particularly his duetting with Heather Jones. The opening verse is

Mae’r blodau yn yr ardd yn hardd.
Mae’r rhosyn ger y drws yn dlws.
Ond nid yw’r blodau’n tyfu nawr.
Mewn ty o dan y creigiau mawr.

Dwr oer sy’n cysgu yn Nhryweryn.
Dwr oer sy’n cysgu yn Nhryweryn.

My translation of these lyrics are:

The flowers in the garden are handsome.
The rose by the door is pretty.
But these flowers are not growing anymore.
In a house below the large rocks.

A cold water is sleeping in Tryweryn.
A cold water is sleeping in Tryweryn.

A more poetic but less literal translation of the lyrics of the whole song can be found here.

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