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Just a quick post before I bury myself in some work. Later today I will be tutoring a student about Special Relativity, one of my favourite topics in Physics. I’m going to try and give the student an historical introduction to the subject, so maybe that will form a blog later this week.

My quick post is about a story which I saw on Facebook yesterday, that a man finished a marathon in third place, but later admitted to having cheated by hopping on a bus!

Apparently, the man was spotted hopping on a bus at about the 20 mile (32km) stage, and hopped off just before the end to come third! Of course, the people who came behind him quickly complained that they had no recollection of his having passed them. Initially, like most cheats, he denied any wrongdoing; but when presented with enough evidence he finally admitted to cheating. With the Cardiff half marathon on Sunday, maybe I should make sure I have my bus pass on me!

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