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It wasn’t a good weekend in the FA Cup for the teams I support. Manchester City got revenge for their League defeat to Chelsea (which I blogged about here), beating them comfortably 2-0. Man City completely outplayed Chelsea, particularly in mid-field, and just seemed more hungry to me than Chelsea. Mourinho had no complaints in the press conference afterwards, and nor should he have had. He is still claiming that he does not expect Chelsea to win the League this season, but I suspect in private he is saying something different.


Meanwhile, being Welsh I also support the two Welsh clubs who play in the English Premier League and who had also got to the 5th round of the FA Cup, Cardiff City and Swansea City. Unfortunately they too both went down to defeats. Cardiff lost at home to last year’s winners Wigan Athletic, 2-1. Swansea went down 3-1 to Everton in an away game.



This leaves me as a neutral for the remainder of the FA Cup. Arsenal also got revenge for their heavy 5-1 away defeat to Liverpool last weekend, beating them 2-1 at home. When I was a kid, the FA Cup was much more important to teams than the League, but that has changed now as the financial gains of finishing in the top four and qualifying for the Champions League are far greater than anything teams gain from winning the FA Cup. But, I still feel it is a special tournament, particularly when the final involves a side who are not in the Premiership. We shall see if any non-Premiership side gets to this year’s final.

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